Taiwan is the largest market for semiconductor materials and manufacturing

According to SEMI World Fab Forecast Report, global semiconductor fab equipment spending is expected to reach an industry all-time record - more than US$46 billion in 2017. The record is expected to be broken again in 2018, nearing the US$50 billion mark. There figures signal that advancements in IoT, smart manufacturing, smart transportation and smart medtech will continue to push the global semiconductor industry to grow and facilitate the development of associated supply chains to meet innovative needs in the product design and manufacturing processes. Taiwan is expected to continuously increase spending on fab equipment and remain the world's largest consumer of semiconductor materials for the seventh consecutive year. Taiwan's world leadership extends across the microelectronics industry. In addition to being home to the world's largest foundry business and the largest number of 300mm fabs, it also leads in the packaging and testing service and is the second largest market for IC design service.


SEMICON Taiwan 2018: An all-inclusive platform enabling market and technology leaders

With quick development of emerging semiconductor applications, advanced semiconductor manufacturing technologies, equipment, and new materials have become the key to realize a smarter and better future. With an aim to enable innovation and sustainable competitive advantages, SEMICON Taiwan 2018, bringing together all segments of the industry supply chain, provides a platform for companies to demonstrate leadership and to connect with buyers from all over the world.


Theme and Regional Pavilions: Focus on hot technology trends and emerging markets

As increasing demands for advanced manufacturing and testing technologies generated by the development of AI, IoT, and automotive electronics, the Smart Manufacturing & Automation Pavilion and the Testing Pavilion will expand in 2018. SEMICON Taiwan Theme and Regional Pavilions offer a great way for companies to stand out from the crowd.

Theme Pavilion 

 ■ AOI 

 ■ Circular Economy 

 ■ CMP

■Compound Semiconductor 
  ■ Fan Out Packaging  ■ High-Tech Facility    ■ Laser ■ Materials

 ■ Opto Semiconductor 

 ■ Precision Machinery 

 ■  Secondary Market 

■ Smart Manufacturing

  ■ Taiwan Localization 

■ Testing Pavilion 




Region pavilions provide access to new business opportunities in Taiwan's procurement community, including:

Reginal Pavilion 

 ■ Cross-Strait 

 ■ German 

 ■ Holland High-Tech 

■ Korea 

 ■ Kyushu (Japan)

 ■ OKinawa (Japan)

 ■ Singapore

■ Siliocn Europe


Exhibit at SEMICON 2018

Exhibit at Materials or Smart Manufacturing Pavilion

Exhibit at High-Tech Facility Pavilion


SEMICON Taiwan 2017 Visitor Profile

As the only and largest trade show in Taiwan semiconductor industry, SEMICON Taiwan is the best platform to connect suppliers with buyers who are interested in their products, influence technology buys, and make final purchasing decisions. Among SEMICON Taiwan’s visitors, 47% of them are management level or above, and 52% of them have influence on purchasing decisions!  More Information: SEMICON Taiwan 2017 Post Show Report


Booth Type


SEMI Member

None SEMI Member

Raw Space (3x3)



Standard Booth(3x3)






*Raw space is the rental of floor space only and does not include utilities, services, walls, carpet, furnishings, labor, or material handling.
**Pavilion packages include a specially design booth, theme branding, and exclusive promotion.



SEMI Taiwan 

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SEMI Taiwan

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SEMI Taiwan 

Ms Wen Lu

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SEMI Taiwan 

Ms Cindy Lin

TEL: 886.3.560.1777 EXT. 103

Email: clin@semi.org




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