Exhibiting at tradeshows in the 21st Century requires more than "just being there" at the show. On the show floor, you are competing with hundreds of other exhibitors and other events and activities for the time and attention of your customers and prospects. Consider a marketing promotion opportunity as away to gain visibility beyond your booth. We are pleased to offer the following event marketing and advertising opportunities at SEMICON Taiwan.

SEMICON Taiwan Logo

SEMICON Taiwan is a recognized and trusted brand–take advantage of our brand strength by using the SEMICON Taiwan logo in your promotions.

Event Marketing / Sponsorship Opportunities

There are many options available to enhance your company’s brand image during LED Taiwan, including visitor lanyards, VIP luncheon, pocket guide, event sponsorship web advertising, eDM advertising and so on. Learn more on event markting and sponsorship opportunities, please click here.

For more details, please contact SEMI Taiwan


SEMI Taiwan
Ms. Ana Li
Tel : 03.560.1777 Ext.101
Email: ali@semi.org


Media Exposure & Public Relation

SEMICON Taiwan receives significant media attention each year. In 2015, the event was covered in over 100 news articles on various media channels, including TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, and internt. Take advantages of SEMICON Taiwan's media attention and enhance your company brand's visibility. For more details, please contact SEMI Taiwan.


SEMI Taiwan
Ms. Jamie Liao
TEL:03.560.1777 Ext.201


Partnership Opportunities

SEMICON Taiwan welcomes advertising exchange from media, websites, blogs, exhibitions. We can help to promote your brand on the website, e-newsletter, event directory, or provide booth space in exchange for equivalent vaule of advertising.For more details, please contact SEMI Taiwan


SEMI Taiwan
Ms. Emmy Yi
TEL:03.560.1777 Ext.205


■Advertising and  Promotion Opportunities



Title Sponsorship                


  •  Pre-Show:

 - Banner Ad on SEMICON Taiwan website homepage

 - Listing as premier sponsor with logo and company introduction on registration website landing page  

 - Logo exposure on event promotion edms

 - Logo exposure on printed marketing collateral

 - One time email distribution using SEMICON Taiwan pre-show registration email list


  • On-Site:

 - SEMICON Taiwan Pocket Guide AD

 - Parking Lot Entrance Outdoor Curve Glass Ad or Street Pillar Flag

 - Entrance Ceiling Banner at the 1F main entrance

 - Show signage at hall main entrance & MRT entrance

 - Plasma display at the show entrance

 - Directional sign inside the show floor light box Ad

 - On-site registration counter wall Ad

 - Logo exposure on on-site sponsors recognition pop-up stands

 - Listed as one of the Gold Sponsors of SEMICON Taiwan Gala Dinner

 - Company logo exposure SEMICON Taiwan Gala Dinner on-site decoration

 - Complimentary 5 seats

 - Opportunity to distribute company collateral in one technology or business forums

 - Sponsor recognition on Press Releases

 - Press release exposure on SEMICON Taiwan Show Daily E-News


  • Post-Show:

 - One time email distribution using SEMICON Taiwan pre-show registration email list


Leadership Gala Dinner Premier Sponsorship

 - Two dinner tables of 20 complimentary seats with selected wine

 - 3-minute welcome remarks as the co-host

 - 30-second company video as part of the opening program

 - Sponsor acknowledged by the host in the beginning of the event

 - Company brochures and individual guest gifts displayed prominently at each table

 - Company logo printed on the photo core

 - Two onsite standees in the reception area

 - Two onsite hanging banner advertising inside the ballroom

 - Company logo exposure on all onsite decorations

 - Company logo printed on all marketing collaterals prominently

 - One time email distribution using Gala dinner attendee or show attendee list

Outdoor Advertising

 Eye-catching Ad spaces outside the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Center are guaranteed to attract the attention of the target groups.

Indoor Advertising

 Ad spaces inside TWTC Exhibition Center, including hall walls, electronic billboards above main entrances, elevator doors, directional lightbox, registration counters and more, allow sponsors to maximize brand visibility and enhance brand image.

Visitor Lanyards

 Sponsor logo is imprinted on visitor lanyards. The lanyards are offered to all visitors, providing excellent brand recognition.

Badge Inserts

 Sponsor logo and company slogan is printed on the inserts and displayed above visitor name badges.

Event Bags

 Sponsor logo and company slogan is printed on the re-usable bags, which is one of the most popular items among visitors.

Bottle Water

 Sponsor logo and company slogan is printed on the bottle water.

Pocket Guide

 The pocket sized exhibition directory will be available for pick up at main entrances to the exhibition hall. Sponsors can choose to place ads on the cover or place logo on floor plan to encourage visiting.

Shuttle Bus

 During SEMICON Taiwan, Shuttle bus which operates between Hsinchu Science Park and Taipei, is the important transportation for visitors and exhibitors. Sponsor logo and collateral is placed prominently inside the vehicle.

Website Banner

 Banner Ad on SEMICON Taiwan Main Page

eDM Banner

 Banner Ad on SEMICON Taiwan promotion eDMs

App Banner

 Banner Ad on SEMICON Taiwan App



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