With the aim of promoting Taiwan's semiconductor equipment industry, the Metal Industries Research and Development Center (MIRDC) has been commissioned by MOEA's Industrial Development Bureau to assist the industry in the development of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, parts & components, as well as provide logistics support.

By attracting foreign investments, building supply chains, facilitating integrated production processes, manufacturing key components, developing alliances with machine-tool makers, securing international technical cooperation, and providing early validation and testing services, the MIRDC is focused on assisting domestic parts and components manufacturers with satisfying costumer demands for product quality, and ensuring a faster turnaround for the products to enter customer's production lines.

The MIRDC has already accomplished substantial achievements from its long-term efforts, and has successfully promoted its operations in domestic wafer fabrication plants, packaging facilities, and system factories. Since the enthusiastic response on the debut in Semicon 2015 the first-ever invite of the MIRDC and various domestic manufacturers under its tutelage showcased Taiwan's equipment and component manufacturing capabilities, with a wide array of key products on display.This year, MIRDC and the co-exhibitors bring: high pressure plasmas, high purity system-integration, special surface treatment technologies, ceramic processing technologies, smart-manufacturing sheet metals, Process Solution Provider in IC Advanced Packaging Field, and other breakthrough technologies in the industry.

MIRDC will also demonstrate its exclusively constructed functional testing platform. By offering multi-domain services and developments, the MIRDC hopes that both domestic and foreign buyers will gain a better understanding of Taiwan's potential in the production of equipment and components.

SEMICON Taiwan 2018 Taiwan Localization Pavilion Exhibitors 

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